PKU APS March Meeting Reunion 2012 held in Boston

Peking University, Mar. 7, 2012: The Peking University (PKU) APS (The American Physical Society) March Meeting 2012 was held on February 29, Boston. The meeting was hosted by the PKU School of Physics and the Quantum Materials Science Center.


The APS Meeting is the largest physics feast around the world, which invites top physicists and attracts thousands of attendees. Holding a reunion during the APS Meeting has become a routine for physics-leading universities and institutes worldwide. Top universities such as Cornell University and Yale University had just held the reunion meeting this year.


Professor Wang Enge, vice president of PKU, hosted the meeting. Professor Xie Xincheng, dean of the PKU School of Physics, introduced the development of the school. Starting with its prestigious past, Professor Xie then discussed the recent achievements, pointing out that the school had fostered the career of many great physicists and developed many world-leading teams. He also gave an introduction to the scientific institutes such as the Institute of Heavy Ion Physics and Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics. Finally, Professor Wang Enge and Professor Xie Xincheng invited international scholars to exchange their work and ideas at PKU School of Physics.


President Wang Enge presides the reunion.


Dean Xie Xincheng delivers a speech.


The teachers and students of PKU School of Physics talked with the guests after the introduction. PKU New England Alumni Association organized many alumni coming to attend the meeting as well. The alumni indicated that this meeting not only strengthened the relationship between the alumni and the Alma Mater, but also stimulated the development of physics at PKU.


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